Four Core benefits that are Simple to use and make it easy to save

4CoreHealth is a savings program designed to address eveyday health and wellness needs. Included are Health Advocates that are available to assist in making appointments, guiding members toward significant cost savings and more. Members enjoy immediate prescription cost relief on out-of-pocket expenses for medications. Early detection and prevention are also included with annual diagnostic screenings. Lastly and important for day to day health support, is 24/7 access to a national network of board certified, licensed Internal Medicine and Emergency Room physicians who can diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment and prescribe medications over the telephone or through secure bi-directional video and email. We welcome you to discover more about this simple and effective plan to help you save money and improve you overall health and well-being.

CoreHealth Plan Features

 Patient Advocacy

Your membership comes with a Personal Wellness Concierge and an attentive FREE Health Advocate dedicated to help you save time and money by assisting you with the most common health and wellness needs.

From helping members locate practitioners, schedule appointments and order annual blood tests, these knowledgeable and friendly advocates make it easier for members to save.

Locating the lowest cost providers including Doctor, Dental,
Vision, Hearing and more
Scheduling appointments with providers
Assisting in existing medical bill negotiation
Helping to find the lowest cost medical equipment
Scheduling Lab Testing

 Prescription Savings

7 out of 10 Americans take prescription medications and many struggle trying to pay for them. Prescription Savings is a comprehensive program that utilizes a network of prescription resources to find members the lowest price available on their prescription medications.

The program offers members complimentary Prescription Advocacy Concierge service on ALL Generic prescription medications.

Prescription Cost Analysis showing potential savings
Free assistance for obtaining discounts on medications
Helps those 18 and over, families, and seniors
Helps those have a hard time affording medications
Helps those who feel they are overpaying
Helps the insured with limited prescription coverage
Helps the uninsured and underinsured

 Blood Testing

Proudly assisting in the prevention and early detection of diseases by providing a simple, low cost, high quality screening program. This annual Labcorp blood test should be part of your wellness checkup. Both disease prevention and early detection could save a life!

Low co-pay (subject to 90 day waiting period). Services currently unavailable in MA, NY, NJ, RI and MD.

$700+ Value Blood Test with low Co-Pays
74 panel test for women, 75 panels for men
No doctor referral or prescription needed
Specialty tests available in most states
Members-only savings on other lab blood testing

 24/7 Physician Access

1.800MD telemedicine is an easily accessible and inexpensive alternative to non-emergent Emergency Room visits and Urgent Care Clinic visits, relieving the inconvenience of traveling to a scheduled appointment, during and after normal business hours, from home, office or during travels.

Members enjoy fast and convenient access to quality medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year throughout the United States.

92% of medical issues resolved remotely
Under 15 minute response time
98% of members recommend 1800MD
24/7/365 Availability
Convenient and free mobile app

Ready to begin saving on your out of pocket health care expenses today?

Speak with your broker or agent today!

CoreHealth with $38 doctor consults and $90 Blood Test copays.

CoreHealth Plus with $20 doctor consults and $75 Blood Test copays.

REFUND POLICY: This product contains a 30 day cancellation period. You will receive a
full refund of membership fees, excluding registration fee, if membership is canceled within
the first 30 days after the effective date. Please refer to the membership Terms and Conditions
located on this site for more information.